About Us

Agency History

The Springfield Developmental Activity and Achievement Center began operations in 1977 and was incorporated in 1982 in order to provide Day Training services to individuals residing in the Brother James Court Intermediate Care Facility.  The facility changed its name to the Springfield Developmental Center in 1985, and over the years has striven to provide the highest quality of services to the individuals it serves.  The Agency evolved from an academically oriented program to a vocationally oriented program, and initiated contract work in 1989.  In 1992, a Supported Employment program was developed.  While primarily focusing on vocational development, the Agency has maintained an emphasis on non-vocational areas of training which individuals may require, such as socialization, independent living, communication, functional, educational and recreational skills, and provides alternative areas of programming for those individuals served who may require a non-vocational program.

The Center has been operated under the auspices of the Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross since its inception, and a member of the community oversaw the day-to-day operation of the facility until 1986. The Agency has grown markedly over the years, expanding its full time staff to 19 presently.  The Center’s annual budget has more than doubled which has allowed the Center to expand its physical plant, increase our vehicle fleet, hire more staff, open our doors to provide services to other residential facilities in the area and individuals from private residences, and increase the number of clients involved in the Supported Employment Program.



The vision of the Agency is to continue expanding in a positive direction.  Providing an encouraging and growth-oriented environment for its clients has always characterized the Agency, and this focus will continue to drive the Center in the years to come.  We continue to support individuals with Developmental Disabilities to reach the highest level of independence and self-determination possible.  SDC focuses on providing services and supports which promote growth, independence, and self-worth to all individuals served.


Entrance Criteria

Any licensed long-term care facility, or a Pre-Admission Screening (P.A.S.) agent, may refer an individual for admission into the Springfield Developmental Center (SDC) Developmental Training program.  Referrals shall be made to the Director of the Center who will, along with the Corporate Board, make all decisions regarding client intake.

In order to be considered for acceptance into the SDC program, a Client must:

1)   Be at least 18 years of age.

2)   Be diagnosed as having a primary diagnosis of mental retardation, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, or autism.

3)   Not have a condition which would endanger the health or well-being of the applicant or other individuals.

4)   Not meet Exit Criteria as specified in the Exit Criteria/Discharge Procedures policy.